Day Plan.

Day 1.
Meeting from the airport in Osh. Have a little rest in guest house and after visit the
Sulayman  Too mountain.  The Sulayman mountain also known as Sulayman Rock or
Sulayman Throne, it is in the list of World Heritage Site. The site is still a popular place
for  local  Muslims,  with  stairs  leading up  to  the  highest  peak  where  there  stands  a
small  mosque  originally  built  by Babur in  1510.  Much  of  the  mosque  had  been
reconstructed in the late 20th century. Afternoon visit the open market popular with
dry fruits.


Day 2.
8 working hours. Between 6 hours driving. Beautiful lake in the territory of Nature
reserve, 1870m high. Stay in tents near the lake.

Day 3.
Sary-Chelek – Suusamyr valley. Photos of the lake and around. Afternoon at 1pm
leave to Suusamyr valley. On the way take photos of the Toktogul water reservoir,
Naryn river. Overnight in Yurts.


_DSC4302_3_4_tonemappedDay 4.
Leave Suusamyr valley at 10am to Son-Kul lake.  Before make a hike to hills for a good
photos. The Son-Kul lake is the largest fresh water lake in Kyrgyzstan, situated in
3020m high above sea level. Surrounded by mountains. Take photos of the horses,
lake, sunset and the stars. The weather in Son-Kul changes very quick, in one day it
can rain or snow or can be hot. Usually a good view of the full rainbow there, of
course depending on weather. Driving about 5 hours. Stay in Yurts


Day 5.
Sunrise photos, walk around then leave to Issyk-Kul lake at 9am. On the way in Son-
Kul road if lucky take photos of the yaks, small water reservoir which is getting dry
very close to main road, sometimes camels in that part Driving hours 5 with stops for
photo. Stay in tents. Photos of the lake Issyk-Kul, sunset.


Day 6.
Morning photos of the lake, mountains, waterfall in Barskoon gorge. Close to noon
leave to Jety-Oguz gorge. On the way stop for Skazka valley (red canyons with
different shapes made by wind and water). Driving time around 3 hours with stops.
Stay in guest house.


Day 7.
_DSC7732_3_4_tonemappedJety-Oguz gorge. Photos of the rocks, pasture, river. At 3pm drive to Karakol town.
Take photos of the Dungan mosque, Cathedral. Stay in guest house.

Day 8.
By 4wd truck drive to Altyn-Arashan hot springs valley. The road is very bad but the
scenery and the hot springs are good. Good view to Palatka peak. In the evening drive
back to Karakol town. Stay in guest house.


Day 9.
At 9am begin the driving to Turgon Ak-Suu gorge to Avtodorjniy pass (4000m). High
landscape, beautiful valley.  Stay in same guest house in Karakol.
Day 10.
Early morning drive to Karakol National Park. A day in Karakol gorge. Good photos of
the silent river and gorge. Close to sunset drive to panorama to Karakol town.
Overnight in same guest house.


Day 11.
From Karakol drive to San-Tash stones in the morning. Begin the trip at 9am. The
legend relates that the stones were deposited here by Tamerlane’s troops whilst they
were on their way to battle in China. Tamerlane instructed each of his soldiers to
bring a stone from Lake Issyk-Kul and leave it here, removing a stone on the way back
if they had survived the conflict.  Photos of the stones and fields. Afternoon drive to
Oruktu hot springs near the Issyk-Kul lake. Take hot spring pools. Stay at local families
house in village. The toilet is outside no shower.


Day 12.
Leave to Bishkek. On the way photos of the Issyk-Kul lake, petroglyphs in open air

Burana tower. Burana tower – an 11th century minaret, one of the first buildings of
such type in Central Asia.

Stay at local families house in village. The toilet is outside no shower.

Day 13.
Early morning begin the driving to Bishkek (capital of Kyrgyz Republic). Take photos in
central square, see the works of artists. Stay in local families house toilet outside,
shower in house. Or pay extra 20usd per person and stay is hostel with western toilet
and shower.

Day 14.
Leave to Airport Manas for flight.