Vladislav Hošek


was born in Vimperk and lives in Čkyně. He graduated from high vocational school in Volyně. Over 40 years he has been photographing Šumava nature – especially landscape and details. Apart from his beloved Šumava he likes the Julian Alps, the Dolomites, Iceland, Scandinavia, Corsica, Scotland, nature and people in Romania, Carpathian Ruthenia and Moldavia. In spring 2006 he spent a month photographing in the Himalayas under Mt. Everest and Cho Oyu. In fall 2009 he hiked around Annapurna and last year he went back again to photograph under the “roof of the world” in Nepal.


He is an admirer of nature of the US National Parks. But his priority remains with atmospheric pictures taken in Šumava. He best loves the period of fall and winter. He published over 380 postcards and 70 calendars, prevailingly from the Šumava region. He presents his photographs at various discussions and meetings. You can find his photographs in numerous picture books, travel guides and magazines. In 2004 he published a picture book called “Šumava”, in 2005 another picture book called “Šumava v proměnách / Changing Šumava”. In 2007 he published “Šumava panoramatická / Panoramic Šumava”, in 2011 “Šumava malá velká / Little Big Šumava” and in 2013 “Za krásami Šumavy / Tracing the beauties of Šumava”.